With our company, ACAPULCO DESIGN, we bring the popular, hand-crafted “Acapulco Chair” from Mexico to Europe in new design variants. ACAPULCO DESIGN has extended the range of colours and materials and is offering material options such as leather as well as exclusive monochrome models (tone in tone) and the Rocking Chair in its original form.

Our start-up, which was founded in 2014, takes authenticity, quality and sustainable production particularly seriously. That’s why managing director Benjamin Caja is involved in all stages of production in Mexico City and makes sure that fair conditions are offered to all producers, workers and suppliers involved. Another special feature is the return to the original size and form, which offers considerably greater sitting comfort and gives its former lounge character back to this cult chair.

ACAPULCO DESIGN offers the “Acapulco Chair" in its original form.