Original Acapulco Chairs

Acapulco Design places great value on high-quality production of its products. The Acapulco Chairs are produced by hand using traditional techniques in a factory in Mexico City. Here, we ensure that the chairs are produced under fair conditions. Acapulco Design is involved in all stages of production on site. We have personal contact with all factory staff and with all our suppliers. In this way, Acapulco Design guarantees that people with few prospects in life are given a secure job and fair wages. Here, safety at the workplace also plays an important role.

Naturally, we also take the quality and comfort of our Acapulco Chairs very seriously. Only the highest quality materials are used during production. They are also entirely free of pollutants.

When you purchase a chair from Acapulco Design, you are not only choosing a high-quality product, but are also supporting sustainable production.

Original Acapulco Chair Gelb
Leder Acapulco Chair Handarbeit
Original Acapulco Chair Handmade
Leder Acapulco Chair Handarbeit